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 Reconnect With Nature

Are you living your life only on vacations? If so, it’s time to reflect. Most of us desire openness, relaxation and leisure which are only the prerogative of vacationers. With the ever increasing stress levels, growing ailments and diminishing happiness quotient, one dreams of a reunion with nature. How we wish we could enjoy our lives and experience the bliss of the picturesque surroundings even within the urban precincts!

 Exclusive Greens    

A unique fusion of luxury and soothing milieu in the midst of panoramic settings is something every home-buyer craves for and Exclusive Greens by Avighna is just that. Now when the cool breeze of verdant fields beckons you, be ready to respond at the earliest. The sprawling manicured lawns garnished with therapeutic greenery offers ultimate rejuvenation for the soul. The pebbled pathways skirting the lush green lawns lead you to exclusive apartments which are an epitome of high-end functionality and creativity. Offering the look and feel of villas bundled with the convenience of the apartments; these units are here to captivate your senses.